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When Should I Get…(insert Apple Product Name Here)

Posted: March 9th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Apple, Buying Tips | No Comments »

Have you ever wanted to purchase a product from Apple but worried that they might be releasing a new update to the product you want, that will render your update out of date and “not cool” anymore? I just talked to a friend earlier this week who bought an iPad just a few weeks ago, and now wishes he would have waited. While you can’t ever be totally sure of the best time to buy, here is a great resource to help.

Mac Rumors – Buyers Guide

I find this really helpful, because they analyze Apple’s previous release cycle and upcoming rumors about when they might be releasing a new product, and suggest whether this is a good time to buy, or maybe you should wait, because updates are coming soon.

Check it out next time you are interested in buying a Mac or iPod, to save yourself some frustration in the future.


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