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If I only had a nickel for every Forwarded chain email I’ve received, I could quit my full time job. While they do fill up my inbox way too often, the more annoying thing to me about Chain Letters is the content. I’ve received  too many emotional or politically charged stories that are suppose to be just the most amazing/horrific thing ever, or another reminder to get my cell phone on the Do Not Call registry, or … ( I could go on, but I’ll spare you the pain). Unfortunately, (well, I guess actually fortunately) over 90% of these letters are FALSE.

They are nothing more than hoaxes drawn up to get people like you to send them to all your friends and see how many people’s inboxes they can plague. I’ve seen people of all sorts of different ranks and positions get fooled by these, and it really needs to stop.

But how are you supposed to know what is legitimate and what is just another hoax. I want to introduce you to an amazing site, that will help you out with the slew of email forwards. It’s a website, specifically designated to this exact thing, figuring out whats true and whats not with tons of  rumors.

A quick example how to use the site. I received one of these unfortunate emails yesterday, about how the UK was going to stop teaching about the Holocaust. I punched in a few words from the email into’s search bar and was directed to this article: Where I discovered the email failed in conveying truthful information.

So next time you get a FWD:FWD: email claiming some sensational truth. Please do three things.

  1. Check it out on before you believe it
  2. Email the person back and let them know they might want to send a correction to their email.
  3. Please do not forward it along to me.

Hope this helps, let me know what crazy rumors you have received news about.


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