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Epic-est Google Logo Ever

Posted: June 9th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: General | No Comments »

If you haven’t checked out the google homepage today  yet, you must ( in case you need the link). It is a real-live-fake playable guitar. Just move your mouse over the string and make pretty music. The super cool feature it has is a record button that will allow you to record your masterpiece and send it to all your peeps. Check out this lovely renedition of “Amazing Grace” from my brother.

Now for the real kicker..instead of using your mouse, try the keyboard. It plays just like a piano with the middle set of keys functioning as the main notes, letter a = the note C, s = D,d = E, etc.  and the top and bottom as half notes. And if you cant get to this before June 9 is over , you can always check it out at as well as many other awesome Google Doodles. (Pac-man Anyone?) Thanks jmeyering for the link.

Check it out, and post back links to your masterpieces for us all to enjoy!




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