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Thoughts on Google+

Posted: July 1st, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: General, New Technology | No Comments »

For those that are not aware, Google has launched its own foray into the Social Media game (again), but this time has invested even more of its technological clout than any of their previous attempts. It is called, Google+.

The short and quick version is, Google created a Social Network based on Circles (ie Family, Friends, Work, etc) that you can place different people into. It has a home page that is very similar to Facebook News feed. The features Google will try to differentiate itself is the way it will tie into all its existing services (an easy share bar on all Google Pages, integration with Picasa Web Albums, a slick Group Video chat that works pretty smoothly , Youtube integration and more). Its just launched on Wednesday, so time will tell if it will succeed or just be another Google Social Media flop.

I will not give a detailed review about it, since you can find much better reviews already written. Instead, I figured I would just share a couple thoughts about what this means and could mean for Social Media.

1. Competition – Sure, there may have been other so-called Facebook competitors, but lets be realistic, this is the first actually decent sized competition to Facebook. Adding another player to the game will increase competition, and in the end I think that will be good for all. Facebook has a lot of weak points, but up until now, there was not a huge impetus to fix them , since they were the only real player in the game.

2. Fragmentation – I already check Facebook and Twitter to keep up on people I want to know about, I really do not want another place to have to look for updates, pictures and information about people, especially since there is such an established place currently. However, I’m sure people will soon be posting on Google+, and I can’t really expect to see that same information on their Facebook account.

3. Features – Facebook is a Social Media Company first, meaning they live and die by their product. For Google, this is just one of many of their products, so if it fails, big whoop for them, they just keep going. This is good and bad as Facebook will make sure it is a success, Google is given freedom to experiment and try different things, which we all know they will do. However, Google has often fallen prey to their brains, as they will sometimes implement features that are technologically amazing, but that most people just do not care about. Having the most techy site never means the best. Time will tell if Google can overcome this, like they have in other areas (Search, Gmail, Google Maps).

What about you? Whatcha think? Is Google+ a good thing or a bad thing for Social Media?


… and were Back!

Posted: June 6th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Buying Tips, New Technology | 1 Comment »

Sorry for the delay in posts. I think my professors had a personal vendetta against me writing this blog. I mean, there is no other way to explain why they would give me so many projects and reading to work on (well, besides the fact I am in Grad school, but still). Anyway, I’m going to make a concentrated effort to post a little more regularly. We’ll see how it goes.

Free Kindle Books

and here’s your tip for this post, sent in by a long time friend of the blog (thanks Mom). Besides my iPad, my favorite tech device currently is my 3rd Generation Kindle . If you like reading and haven’t looked at an e-reader, you should check them out. Thanks to Amazon’s now Ad-supported version, you can pick up one brand new for $114. I’ve tested it out and the ads display when the reader is off (kinda oxymoronical, but it works since the Kindle is never technically “off”, just “napping”), as well as in the bottom of the menu screen, but never while your reading. (if that’s too much for you, just pay the $25 more and get the ad-free version). And if the $114 is out of your price range, well, you can get the reader program for your Mac, PC, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or Android device. Needless to say, if you can read this post, then you have a device that can read kindle books.

The reason I suggest looking into it so strongly, is because the wealth of books out there, that can be purchased for free or very inexpensive. Even if you don’t plan on purchasing a kindle soon, you can amass a large library and those books will stay in your collection for as long as Amazon is in business (in other words, a VERY long time). No, I won’t post updates every time a new free book is up, but I’ll provide you with a few links to get you started. -!/gospelebooks – My favorite source, lots of Good Christian free/cheap books!/freekindlebook – Another Good free books listing – A list on Amazon of free books – Free Classics

Do you have any other good kindle book resources to share? What do you like/dislike about current E-readers? Let me know in the comments.