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A Good Antivirus Program – Free (after rebate)

Posted: March 4th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Security | No Comments »

I was just asked earlier this week about a good Antivirus program. Its been a while since a PC was my primary computer, so I’m not completely familiar with the best in Antivrius, but responded with my usual suggestion, AVG.

However, one of my favorite computer sites is offering a good Antivirus software, Kaspersky, for free (after a $50 rebate). Now you could debate back and forth about which one is the best, but for most people, JUST GET SOME ANTIVIRUS/SECURITY SOFTWARE ON YOUR COMPUTER, is really all you should be concerned about. (I’m not saying use any obscure program you can find online that says security, but the main players AVG, Norton, McAffee, etc…) should all be fine for you.

No longer can you use the internet and not expect to get hit with some sort of malware (aka bad programs, from bad places that do bad things to your computer). YOU NEED SOME FORM OF PROTECTION and todays link is a great option if you don’t have one, or if yours is old, out of date, or just slow. I’ll be posting some more tips on how to avoid viruses and malware, but for today, go get this software and install it, then pass this link around to others that don’t have it. AND MAKE SURE YOU FILL OUT YOUR REBATE!

(Please note, this program only works on Windows. If you are on a mac or linux, don’t worry about it for now. You’ll be ok)

Here is a review on CNet of the software,2817,2367794,00.asp

And Here is the link to the software…